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Over the summer I took on 8 projects of varying scales that required me to use different skill sets, but mainly UX Research, UX Design, and Product Design. I worked with multidisciplinary teams (Marketing, Product Design, DevOps, and Engineers) to bring forth new innovative products that were to replace existing ones or be the first ones in the market.

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Tools Used

As a Human Experience Designer, I used various tools to conduct research, document crucial findings, as well as design low fidelity and high fidelity screens to communicate new ideas.

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Figma was utilized to collaboratively design interfaces with the UX Design team.

Indeemo was utilized to conduct primary research from a remote setting.

Miro was utilized as a collaborative online white-boarding tool to communicate ideas as well as document findings.

Microsoft Office was utilized to conduct and document primary research while I was present onsite to distribute and document the findings.

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