<aside> ⚠️ Please note this was a graduate course project and ‘Studio Cocoon’ is a fictitious company.


<aside> 📝 Final stakeholder slide deck


Project Overview

Starbucks is seeking to re-imagine the current customer experience across key physical (i.e. in-store) and digital (i.e. website, app, etc.) touch-points in our loyalty ecosystem to drive deeper customer loyalty by better meeting new customer needs post-COVID-19.

Starbucks Rewards is considered an industry standard – but with COVID-19, it needs to be re-imagined to give customers more reasons to return to Starbucks as the world slowly returns to normal. This program is designed to be but one step in creating new opportunities to delight customers by helping them save on everyday purchases and help Starbucks better meet the everyday needs of users around the world.

Our Philosophy

<aside> 🗣 Pay attention to what users are actually doing, not just what they are saying.


Our Approach



(setting a direction)

Scope of work


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